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An impact investment is whereby a property investor will add an Special Disability House factor under the NDIS ( National Disability Insurance Scheme ) to the construction of their home investment.

It is a type of house that has been individually constructed across the requirements of people residing with disabilities.

The production and requirement are constant, and demand is very high. The NDIS allows investors to take benefit of this program, letting them access to a leasing market that a typical investment home cannot, which also offers a return on their investment well beyond traditional market rates.

The rental return is paid by the government and the attendees that reside in the house when it is rented through the marketplace.

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The demand for impact investments is very high and land opportunities are limited. We have long term relationships with major developers throughout Australia that offer us high expansion land opportunities in master-planned developments.

Securing Finance

We work closely with a limited amount of banks to manage our clients all through the financing of their new investment. This allows an easier transition which in most cases can be a very big obstacle for investors financing this product.


We know what is required for any kind of project that needs a special fit for purpose construction. Jobs like this will involve using an architect that can specially design homes suited to specific disability needs. This could cover a wide range of design categories and building types.

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